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Our courses are nationally accredited and accepted by industry groups Australia wide.


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RSA - Course Outline

First Aid Cert II

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About Us

Victor is a Melbourne based professional trainer with many years experience in parting knowledge to students in various courses. Victor has helped students gain the necessary knowledge that is required today in many workplaces with a focus on Occupational Health and Safety.

Profile of Victor:

  • Victor believes that through training a person will achieve their dreams and develop skills to do so.
  • Victor is a professional trained at the University of Cairo as an architect.
  • Victor has worked in Australia in his own various businesses in Australia since 1992.
  • Victor's skills have enabled him to be an ideal position to understand OH&S public Safety and the Construction Industry.
  • Victor works in the security industry in various roles in operations and management.
  • Victor Holds a Current Security Trainers licence and is a Licensed Crowd Controller and Security Officer in Victoria.
  • Victor is actively involved within the security industry.
  • Victor trains Security for an approved RTO by the Victoria Police Licensing Agency in Victoria and 1 St Aid.
  • Victor is skilled in 1St Aid.
  • Has a part of his present actives as a Safety Officer and 1St Aider at a large commercial and distribution centre.
  • Victor enjoys using his vast knowledge and skills as a trainer.
  • Victor believes he learns every day;
  • Victor aims to pass on these skills to his students whom he says he learns from.
  • Victor only Associates with RTOs and Professionals and the best in their Industry and profession.
  • This is Victor's way of contributing to his New Country and Community.


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