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Scotwork specialises in improving negotiation skills - permanently, measurably and consistently. We do this via our range of services which include coaching-based negotiation skills training courses, and negotiating advice and consulting support from our vastly experienced negotiating team.


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Scotwork Negotiating Skills.

Reece Saywell , Mercer
Highly valuable to me - I should have done this 20 years ago.
Robert Zakarija , FCM Travel
Exceptional, highest rated course I have attended to date.
Gregor Mackenzie , Unisys Australia
The best course I have been on since I left university - bar none
Matt Marshall , Cadbury
Further to my feedback, I wanted to thank you again for a fantastic few days of learning and fun. I can honestly say that this was the best course I have been on and you have inspired me to strive for continual improvement with my negotiating skills.
Neil Mogridge , Proctor And Gamble
Sensational. Very beneficial & extremely practical. Terrific tutors. Thank you.
Darren McMillan , MLC
Highly recommended. Did negotiations skills in my MBA - this course (Scotwork) was far superior.
Matthew Bufardeci , ANZ Private Equity
Something I should have done years ago.
Stephen Willis , Mater Health Services
Very useful & much more value than a conference. Better spend of corporate training budget.
Chris Bavage , KCI Medical Australia
Worth the time commitment.


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Want to do better structured, more efficient deals? Want to save yourself and your organisation money? Want to work with the World's leading provider of negotiation training and development? Download our brochure to find out more about our Advanced Negotiating Skills course.

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