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Business Overview

Redequip is an organisational change management consultancy and training company. Our unique change readiness approach will save you time and money.
  • The Redequip 6 Step Change Program will save you time and money. ┬áLet us show you how.

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Stephanie Barlow BA (Psych), B.Soc Wk, Grad Dip Counselling, Cert IV in Business, MAASW is a change readiness specialist, an author, a qualified social worker, and a trained counsellor. She is skilled and experienced in promoting personal and organizational change, particularly in the community and public service sector. Stephanie holds qualifications from Macquarie University, Australian Catholic University, and the Australian College of Applied Psychology


Change is the Journey, Not the Destination?

Is where you are going more important than how you get there? Read this article before you answer.

Space For Change

How you look at your business determines whether or not you see the need for change.

Change Readiness and IRVEY

Business leaders need to know about the change readiness of their staff. IRVEY can help you.

What is Organisational Development (OD)?

This article explains what organisational development is.


Mergers are complex changes that need to be handled carefully.

5 Ways to Enhance Change Readiness

Here are 5 suggestions that will help you develop the change readiness of your business.

Why Test for Change Readiness When Recruiting Staff?

Why should change readiness be important when recruiting? This article examines some important reasons why you should do it.

Why Change Readiness?

This article explains why change readiness can save you time and money.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Redequip Change Management.

Eric W. Stevenson, M.A. Member, Australian Psychological Society Founding Director, Unifam Marriag , Sydney
As someone who has spent all his working life in the field of human services, I find ‘People Get Ready’ provides insights into human behaviour that coherently explains why some people struggle so much with change. Resistance to change is ubiquitous; evident in industry, politics, science, religion, social welfare, and the arts. Yet here in the pages of this ground-breaking book you will discover an understanding of change readiness that can revolutionise how organizations approach change. I heartily recommend it.
Paul Rimington MBA, PhD , Gold Coast, Australia
Re: People Get Ready US President John Kennedy said “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” Make sure you are prepared for the opportunities of the future by making sure that this book is on every bookshelf in your corporation. This brilliantly written book is a must-read among the consultants in our organisation. We could not hope to deliver quality advice and assistance to our clients without an understanding of the principles and practices captured by Steve and Stephanie Barlow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IRVEY?

IRVEY is a tool we have developed to identify and measure change readiness in people. Knowing the change readiness of staff is important in the change process because it guides decisions about who to work closely with, and how to approach the change process. It is important in establishing effective change plans.

IRVEY is unique and available only from Redequip. We developed it over a period of 10 years.

Where can you buy our book?

Our book is available in paperback via our website. It is also available as an ebook through Amazon (Kindle) and Palmer Higgs (epub).

Do we operate throughout Australia?

Yes, we operate in all Australian states and territories.

What is our speciality?

We specialise in change readiness. We have been researching change readiness for about a decade. We specialise in provide change management advice and support that is shaped by our understanding of change readiness. We believe this approach allows us to provide the most cost effective solutions for our clients.

What other training do we offer?

Redequip offers a range of non-accredited training options, including leadership, conflict resolution, goal setting, change readiness, and time management. For a full list of training options, visit our website.

Do we offer accredited training?

Yes. Redequip offers nationally accredited training in business and management. Currently we provide access to the following courses:

Certificate IV in Business

Certificate IV in Frontline Management

Diploma of Management

Diploma of Project Management



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