Risk Management Course

Risk management course refers to a set of formal theoretical and practical lessons on anticipating, controlling and/or minimising possible unfortunate events. Organisational and business risks that are discussed in risk management courses include both internal risks and external risks. Financial liquidity failure, insubordination and managerial failure are examples of internal risks. On the other hand, natural disasters and market crash are examples of external risks.

Business owners, managers, supervisors and public officials usually take risk management courses to help them in their planning and decision-making. Schools and specialised training centres offer risk management programs and seminars either as part of larger curriculum or as independent, short-term courses. In some companies and organisations, a risk management course is provided as part of in-house employee training programs.

Identifying or anticipating threats, assessing vulnerabilities, determining specific consequences, avoiding and mitigating impact and designing strategies are some of the methodological elements that are discussed in risk management course. All techniques discussed in risk management course can be categorised into one or more of these categories: avoidance, mitigation, transfer and retention.

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