Fire Warden Training

Fire warden training provides interested individuals the right skills and knowledge needed to become fire wardens

Fire warden training equips fire wardens with significant knowledge related to the handling of fire emergencies. This type of training ensures that the fire warden understands the risks and dangers of fire in the premises. This also ensures that the fire warden knows what to do in case a fire emergency breaks out in a certain location. In addition, the training provides fire wardens the competence to manoeuvre or use the different types of fire equipment available.

There are several mandatory procedures that fire wardens need to follow when responding to fire alarms and these procedures may be taught during the fire warden training. Through the fire warden training, a fire warden may be able to learn techniques that can help him in performing his tasks efficiently and effectively.

The fire warden training ensures that every fire warden in Australia is equipped with the necessary qualifications needed for the fire fighting job.

A list of institutions that provide fire warden training to interested parties is listed in this directory. Contact any of these institutions to learn more about fire warden training.