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Real Coach is based in Taren Point, NSW and specialises in Customer Service Training.
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Customer Service Training

Customer service training is designed to help people interested in the customer service industry. Businesses use customer service to handle customer requirements, enquiries and complaints along with to ensure the purpose of the business is meeting any needs the customer may have. Each customer service role will be different, and therefore so will the training, but there are some essential skills you can learn from customer service training.

Most customer service agents will have to be excellent communicators, especially in a remote environment such as on the web or over a telephone. Some customer service roles will involve purely taking calls from customers to resolve disputes, handle complaints and manage feedback for the company.

However, other customer service roles will enquire a more in-depth relationship with the customer. This could include meetings, organising surveys and re-visiting the customer several times to ensure the business product is providing what the customer requires.

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